Thursday, April 23, 2009

I am Sorry, Miss Kardashian. I am For Real

There is nothing quite like being unemployed and watching rich people spend more money in one trip to Bloomingdales than most Americans have in their 401Ks.

I had just returned home from a ten-hour babysitting shift when I flipped on Keeping Up With Kardashians on E! In this particular episode, Kim spent over $20,000 in one trip to a clothing boutique and caused her family to call an intervention on her over-spending ass (yes, pun intended).

After the intervention, which was not led by a paid actor, but by a "real" therapist, Kim began to justify her spending to her family and all viewers. Kim’s argument was that she works hard, so why shouldn’t she spend her own money?

This made me livid. So please do sense my sarcasm when I say, you do work hard, Kim. You work hard at dating your ridiculously over-rated boyfriend. You also work very hard at driving your Bentley and reminding the public of how desperately you want to forget your explicit video.

Is Miss Kardashian so blinded by her own lip-gloss nowadays that she has no concept of the current recession? And, honestly, what was E! thinking? Were the producers sitting around brainstorming on how they could relate with the American public and this is what they came up with? Was having Kim drop a down payment on a house on the spring line at SAKs the realistic way to do so?

Perhaps I am too close to the unemployment situation to make an unbiased observation. Or just perhaps, it's time that celebrities actually put the real back in reality TV.

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  1. There's nothing "real" about reality TV, babygurl. Just like there's no "clean" in clean coal.