Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Like any girl with a shred of fashion sense, I tuned into E! to watch celebrities walk the Red Carpet before the Academy Awards. Guliana Rancic and Ryan Seacrest playfully bantered back and forth discussing the fashion hits and misses on the carpet as well as the lack of colorful gowns this year. The majority of women were wearing ivory and white.

Guliana, wide eyed and decked out in a one-shouldered maroon gown, spoke up and made the assumption that the ivory gowns, like the one that Penelope Cruz was wearing, represented the recession. I was shocked.

Really, Guliana? Please explain to me exactly what Penelope Cruz knows about the recession. Is she cutting coupons these days, or collecting unemployment? You’re right. An ivory, diamond encrusted gown is exactly what I wear when I head to the market to pick up my cans of Spam and Cup o’ Noodles.

That was enough to turn me off for the night and so I flipped through the channels to find something a bit more realistic and a little less depessing. "Ah, yes," I thought. "The 11 o'clock news!"

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